Run Away Alert dCon Levels and What They Mean!

By: Ratcliff

Run away alerts are a stop-gap measure to protect all small prey creatures from event that the humans government may not deem as an emergency. I will declare a Run away alert and alert levels when I deem it necessary. It is still important for you to stay vigilant and watch for problems that may arise. These alerts are created to help you prepare and to know how far to run when an alert is declared. dCon mean: defend yourself condition level.

Space-time issues:

Government doesn't seem to be concerned by issues caused by fooling with space/time continumn. In-fact government seems to be causing space-time issues themselves with things like: These are the very events I am trying to help you be prepared for by this system.


dCon 5


Peace - travel outside the home is safe.


dCon 4

Event: shortages on peanut butter and toilet paper.


dCon 3



dCon 2



dCon 1



Decade change + new years and mythical animals such as:

Beware the poultry-geese or guiest?
Beware the poultry-geese or guiest? Is polter-guiest the same thing?

Space-time continuum events:




These instructions are written to help keep you safe in the event of a space-time and alien invasion. Please note in times that I may not issue an alert you should still stay vigilent for any signs of trouble. Peace and courage to you all.